Choosing the Correct Crash Course
Contact us with as much information about your driving history (if there is any), and we can help advise you with the course most suited to you, as our team are fully experienced to give you the best advice needed in order to point you in the right direction. However once you meet the instructor you will be assessed, and the course can be adjusted if necessary.
How Long is the Practical Test ?
The Standard Driving Test lasts for approx 40 to 50 mins depending on the traffic. As per industry standard, we generally assign 3 hrs for the day of the Practical driving Test. This 1hr before the test, 1hr test time and 1hr to return you home or your place of pick up.
Change Crash Course Duration
If you choose the wrong course we can increase or decrease depending on your personal needs, however instructor availability needs to be taken into consideration. We aim to give you the hours you require, which means you wont be driving around aimlessly to burn unnecessary hours off.
Pass Plus with Us!
We can take you for your 6 module pass plus lessons. You will be able to use the same instructor and car, making it easier for you to learn. During the pass plus lessons, you will be taken on Motorways, Country Roads, experience Night Driving, City Driving, (All weathers), and Dual Carriageways.
Theory Help
Theory tuition can be done in the car during the hours of the course, or extra time can be added if you both have the availability to facilitate this.
The cost will be between £25 and £35 per hour.