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1) Please check to re-confirm that the time and date of your Theory or Practical test has not changed by the DVSA.

This must be done 3 clear working days before the test date is due, as the DVSA can change appointments at short notice due to examiner illness or bad weather. Sometimes they notify us by email, however the email may not be sent to us or seen in time, especially if the test is very early in the morning.

Your test can be found on the DVSA website by using your Provisional Driving License Number and either your Theory Number or DVSA Test Reference Number.

The DVSA require at least 3 clear working days for Theory or Practical tests to be changed or cancelled. After this time period, they will not change or refund any test fees if you are unable to do the test.


ALSO, give as much notice as possible so the instructor has time to alter his or her diary.

Please ensure that you receive WRITTEN CONFIRMATION by email from us on the same day you informed us that we have changed your test, as just a simple request by phone may be forgotten as we are extremely busy at this time, ESPECIALLY if it is close to the 3 clear working days cut off time limit from the DVSA.

It is not your driving instructor’s responsibility to pass on this message, so even if he agrees to do so you must also double check with us and get written confirmation.

If this is not done and the test is not changed, WE WILL NOT be responsible for the cost.

IF HOWEVER AFTER TRYING VIA EMAIL AND PHONE, YOU ARE STILL UNABLE TO REACH US, please alter it yourself online via the DVSA website, or call the DVSA on 0300 200 1122.

2) You must carry your Provisional Licence with you for the Theory and Practical test appointment, and also for the first time you meet the instructor for your first lesson.

Failing to do so will create a delay with either appointment, resulting in a loss of your time and money, and in the case of the lessons lessons, the instructor will not be able to refund the hours as he/she will need to see your Provisional Licence before you drive in order to comply with the law, and the DVSA will not refund the test fee.

3) Under certain circumstances pupils may want to use their own car to take their test. If this is your choice, please ensure that you check the DVSA website for any updated information regarding what is needed in order to comply with their rules, as this will not be the responsibility of the the school or the instructor.

4) We will ask you for your debit /credit card number to pay for the Theory/Practical test which will go directly to the DVSA payment system to book your test.

For the deposit and any other extra service
(ie Quick Test Cancellation Service)
you will have received / will be sent a payment link to your phone via TEXT from
PAYCOMET/ Sabadell Bank or BBVA Redsys , as we also provide lessons for ex-pats in Spain.

All of these payments are deducted from the total price of the course. Please note prices are subject to change after booking, for example if petrol goes up or if a 3rd party instructor is needed.

The balance is paid as cash in the car or via bank transfer to the instructor.

At least one installment is paid on the first day, and then more as you go.

The balance must be paid before the test day.

Deposits will not be used to cover tests or lessons even if the student is ill and is unable to attend them.

Deposits are non – refundable but can be held for 3 months.

Refunds are only given if we are unable to provide you with the service you booked, and if this is the case, we need an opportunity to put it right first.

5) QUICK TEST Cancellation (Guarenteed Test Service)
This will ensure you get a test before the standard DVSA waiting time and will cost the following:

£100 Any Weekday
£135 If Saturday requested
(Plus Test Fee)

£40 Any Weekday
£50 If a specific day or time frame required
(Plus Test Fee)

6) Courses that have delayed or have not been taken without advising the school directly with a reason in writing within a 3 month period from the start date, will be lost, ie if a course has been started but for some reason not completed by the pupil, it is discresionary whether the course is resumed.

If a pupil books an incorrect course because they gave the school the wrong information, depending on instructor availibility, there may be a delay in changing the intensive course to the correct duration needed.

If a pupil has asked us to find a quick test for a short course on the basis that they think they will be test ready but they are not, they will not be allowed to take that test as this will go againtst the instructor on their record.

The pupil will need to pay for another quick test service if so desired, (and for another test if it’s after the DVSA 3 clear working day time frame) unless we can allocate that test to someone else in the short time period left.

There may be an admin fee involved in this depending on time taken to do this.

Also, we are unable to guarantee that the instructor can see the pupil with enough time to prevent this from happening due to tight pre-booked lessons, as most people book at short notice, therefore limiting options in terms of flexibility.

7) If there are any incidents that occur while on your course, you must report them to the office via email on the same day.

For example, if your instructor was late and the time was not made up by your agreement, we need to know straight away because we are unable to deal with any situations after the event.

If you do have a formal complaint, please send it via email. You will receive our reply within 30 working days, however we aim to have the problem investigated with a reply and resolve much before this time frame.

Please note that all courses are inclusive of the day of test / test time. This allocation is between 2 and 3 hours.

All courses over 3 hours will carry a break of 15 minutes within the course time.

8) Instructors will need a 48hr notice period to change or cancel pre-booked lessons in order for you not to be charged or lose time.

Please note that we sometimes use 3rd party instructors from our pool of instructors we call upon when necessary, and the price may go up or down accordingly.

Either way, they are all self employed so you need to ensure you keep a record of the amount of money and hours you do, as we are not in the car to keep a check of what is happening if there were to be any discrepancies.


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